Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry is exciting and interesting – with more and more gambling sites/emporiums mushrooming on an almost daily basis to the extent becoming to choose which one to register or to spend your money with. However, for those with entrepreneurial or business interest in the popular world that is online gambling, there are a lot of factors to be put into consideration. Among other things, the need to attract and retain customers while ensuring that they remain loyal can be through the use of several bonus options.

But what exactly is a casino bonus? In a world where casino business transforms to become even more challenging and competitive, online casinos find themselves having to find new and exciting means of attracting, satisfying, and retaining their client base. Do you remember a time when you were awarded a freebie at a brick-and-mortar casino of your choice? Never. However, things are slightly different across the online casino industry. There are tens of bonuses aimed at customer footfall and loyalty.

Online casinos offer bonuses that are in several forms. For instance, upon immediate signing up, a majority of clients have higher chances of receiving deposit bonuses on their initial deposits and in most cases, casinos will match the amount deposited by clients by a given percentage as means of encouraging them to remain loyal. In some cases, such bonuses could be more than 50%, though most of them will at least double the initial amount deposited.

Apart from first deposit bonuses, there is what is known as the ‘Refer a friend bonus’ that is typically awarded to current users who happen to refer their friends or other people to a given online casino. This type of bonus is common to many online casinos, and again, it is a strategy used by online casinos to ensure that they attract more clients to become their customers. The good thing about this type of bonus is that on most occasions, money credit to a person’s account can actually be withdrawn as opposed to being compelled to use it to place a bet.

Have you ever heard of what is known as the No Deposit Bonus? If not, this is another special type of a bonus that does not require any form of deposit. It is also a strategy that many online casinos use also. In fact, this is one of the most popular and widely known bonuses that provide clients with medium to low stakes. From the point of view of casinos, they are giving away some free money with some little incentive. Of importance to note is that there are also a number of terms and conditions that have to be met with such a bonus.

The number of bonuses does not stop there. Other online casino gambling sites are known to offer their clients Loyalty Bonuses and High Roller Bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are offered to those clients who happen to be part of the company for more than five or ten years while high roller bonuses are awarded to those who make constant and huge deposits to their betting accounts.